Misleading wheel design?

After speaking to raceways of donnington ( for some quotes, I’m surprised at the cost of both of my chosen designs (nowhere near the £1000 mark I paid for the wheels on my old buggy).

I have also been making sure that the wheels will actually fit to the car. Ideally, wheels want to have a stud pattern of 4*130 to stick straight onto a beetle, but this size is extremely rare with big wheels.

The next option is to see what custom discs are available for different fitments. An ideal place for this is Machine7 ( who supply custom discs exactly for this reason.

For american wheels, the best pattern to go for is chevy 5 stud (5*120.65) and luckily both wheel designs have a range including this size.

Something had been bothering me about the design of my first choice wheel:

The picture shown has a 6-stud pattern and I can’t quite see how a 5-stud would work.
After some more investigation online, it transpires that the wheel has a different design for 5-stud, which in my opinion is nowhere near as nice as the 6-stud.

This has made my mind up for me, I will be going for my 2nd choice of wheel from Panther (EMR-359), but unfortunately I will have to go with a 15″ diameter on all sides as this is the only size they do with a chevy stud pattern.

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