Seats ordered

After much deliberation over seat styles, colours and finishes, I have finally ordered some seats for the buggy. This will mean that fabrication of the frame can be completed once they are delivered.

I decided I wanted some comfy, yet thin seats which would fit in the very restricted area in the car. I also wanted some seats without the typical side bars usually found on clubman or bucket seats. I found it quite hard to find something to match my criteria.

The following are some corbeau seats I liked the look of, the last being the ‘fall-back’ option if I didn’t find anything suitable.

From http://www.corbeau-seats.co.uk:

Additionally, the following cobra seats were also on the cards.

From http://www.cobraseats.com:

Ideally, recliners would have been perfect, but with some fine measurement, I found I was extremely limited by space. This led me to settle for the cobra roadster 7 seats (pictured last above).

After speaking with cobra and thumbing through their sample swatches of materials (one which was suspicially like cheese cloth), I opted for a black and grey nylon finish without piping. Most images of these seats are with a vinyl finish, so I’ll just have to wait and see how they turn out :D

Images will be posted when they arrive in 7 to 10 days!

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Frame almost complete

Sorry for the delay in posting, I have a couple more images of the frame in progress.
All that is needed now is for me to buy some seats so that John and I can ascertain the positions for the handbrake, gearstick and pedals. More information on that soon.

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