Bought more bits

I have taken delivery of some new parts, some nice shiny 7″ front lights and a brake master cylinder, both from Mmm free delivery :)

I’m also thinking about engines and have decided to build one from scratch using a custom kit from

Just finalising some details about the size of components to use to decide the overall engine capacity to end up with. At the moment it’s looking to be between 1776 and 2017 cc, but I need to investigate torque levels and power curves some more.
Any advice for something thats a bit beefy and has quick acceleration without going overboard (I like my gearbox unbroken), greatly received.


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French fibreglassing

Have today created a mould with Mel Hubbard to knock out some pods to house the rear lights. ‘Frenching’ them in.

Also created one pod and it’s perfect. Will be cutting it to size and begin chopping the rear of the buggy around to make them fit.
Also had a crash course in glassing and will be attacking the sidepods (blending them in) over the coming weeks. Work continues, if a bit slower than I’d hoped (darn bathroom:p).

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