Ubuntu on my XPS 12

I’ve recently taken delivery of my new laptop, a Dell XPS 12. It’s a great convertible laptop with a screen which flips over to become a tablet.
I bought it with the intention if running Linux on it (specifically Ubuntu or XenClient), but was wary as I had read some posts around the interwebs that the screen uses WiDi for comms which isn’t supported under Linux.

I checked with Dell’s customer support that Linux does work before buying so I had some comeback if it didn’t work and after 2 Months wait have just taken delivery of my new shiny thing.

Both XenClient and Ubuntu work on the machine with very little Bios fettling. Just ensure legacy boot is on and the UEFI security is kept off. I even dual-booted Ubuntu and Windows 8 by shrinking the main Win8 partition and installing Ubuntu there. I haven’t yet tried to get a grub menu to appear, but hitting F12 at boot allows me to select UEFI (Win8) to boot or Legacy hard drive (Ubuntu).

I installed Ubuntu 12.10 which supports the touch screen and also tried Unity and Gnome 3. Both allow you to drag windows round, launch applications and bring up a virtual keyboard using the touch screen.

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