Bought more bits

I have taken delivery of some new parts, some nice shiny 7″ front lights and a brake master cylinder, both from Mmm free delivery :)

I’m also thinking about engines and have decided to build one from scratch using a custom kit from

Just finalising some details about the size of components to use to decide the overall engine capacity to end up with. At the moment it’s looking to be between 1776 and 2017 cc, but I need to investigate torque levels and power curves some more.
Any advice for something thats a bit beefy and has quick acceleration without going overboard (I like my gearbox unbroken), greatly received.


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New year, new parts

Well it’s another year and I’m starting to rekindle the buggy build.
I’ve been dreading venturing into the cold, windy garage, but bought some new parts to get me started again.

After much deliberation, I have chosen the rear lights and bought them (not nasty LED ones, either!).

Mmm, clear indicators.

I have also got some new wheel bearings and wheel bolts so I can eventually add the rims and get it all rolling. This will make working on it a lot easier as I will have more room wheeling it out of the garage.

A minor setback, though. The front discs have been drilled to fit the wheels (6 holes at 12mm diameter *just* fit!), but unfortunately the pitch was drilled to 1.75, not 1.5. More holes to follow :)

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Mmmm head gaskets

It’s been a slow few weeks on the buggy front as I have had to concentrate on the other everyday cars we have in the household.
My Audi has an oil leak and idling problem and my girlfriend’s Renault is suffering with an overheating problem. Looks like I’ll have to change the head gasket, yay!

I’m still deciding on rear tyres (not bothering about the fronts just yet) and reckon I may go for some Yokohama V801′s.
These are the Sport Terrain style mentioned a few posts ago, but I need to be quick finding a set as they have recently been replaced by a newer, worse looking tyre!

I have also been hunting for some lights. I will have some nice big shiny standard buggy headlights and some motorbike indicators on the front (probably mounted to the front beam), but on the rear I am hoping to make it a bit more corvette-style.
I hope to find some round or oval lights to do this, with some red stop/tail lights on either side and some clear indicators.

Here are a few sites I’ve been looking at for lights, but if you know any more in the UK, please let me know!

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