Designing my own chassis

Armed with a CAD package and some knowledge of designs (mostly ideas stolen from other designs) I have mocked up something which I can talk to fabricators about.

The design is a bit radical, I just hope it can work.

I’ve gone for a 2-piece structure (with the rollbar seperate) which would allow the body to be sandwiched between the 2 pieces. As long as this is bolted down correctly, it shouldn’t affect the strength of the chassis.

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The planning stage kicks off

After being without a project and buggy for too long, it’s time to start thinking about a new build.

Many ideas have been floating around my head and I’m beginning to pull them together in my mind.

First off, this time round I’m going to have a space frame chassis. this way if I decide to have some crazy engine put in, the car will be able to handle it. My last buggy suffered too much from wobble on bumpy ground (although this may have something to do with the gas shocks we stuck on it!)
A frame chassis will also protect the passengers of the car a litle more if an accident ever occurs. Safety is always something nice to have!

The car would definately be a short wheel base vehicle (as this looks much better in my opinion), but I needed to decide on the overall style.

(Mel + Simon, I hope you don’t mind me using these images :D ).

It could be a classic buggy with standard windscreen and chunky tyres.

Or it could be a retro style buggy, with no sidepods and thin wheels.

Or a french style, typically lowered with modern alloys and no bumper bars.

Or a streetfighter style like my old car.

Although I dare to be different, I ultimately still like the overall stance and look of my last buggy, so I will be using that as a general template for the new one. Lowered screen, big shiny roll bar and nice big wheels!

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