The visit to Wales

During Friday’s drop off I was lucky enough to spend a few hours speaking with John about the buggy design and seeing his cars.

We spoke about wheels, tyres and getting all round disk brakes on the car. Things are starting to come together and many questions I had were answered.

Still sticking with the streetfighter look, we will be getting the car sitting at a nice stance once I have an idea of wheels and tyres and I’ll be going for disk brakes all round. CNC hydraulic pedals were also an option but the cost deterred me somewhat.

My only real niggle was the windscreen. As seen in my previous post, my design included a front rollbar coming down behind the windscreen. I definately want a full screen on the car (albeit slightly shorter than standard) but I really wasn’t happy with the look of the bars and screen together.

This was solved when a friend of John’s turned up to show me his buggy. I was shown how a special seal could be used to mount the frame within the rollcage. A solution i’ll definately be going with!

Awesome bug, Nic. got wheelies in 3rd, yet? :D

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